Welcome to Newport 360

Looking at the past to build our future.

Who we are and what we do

Newport High Street Heritage Action Zone is a partnership between
Newport and Carisbrooke Community Council, Historic England and Isle of Wight Council

This new site, Newport 360, is about looking at the past to build our future. It allows users to view a collection of photos taken from all across our county town of Newport. A few historic images have been paired with how Newport looks now to see how the streets/shop fronts look today in comparison. You can also upload your own images to the site and either just post the historic photographs or do side by side then and now.

How to use the site

When you click on the Newport 360 logo on the homepage, you will be taken to a map. To view the images on the map simply click on one of the images and it will show you a page with all of the photos taken in that area of Newport. We have provided each image with a title of where it is and a little bit of knowledge/history about the site (we would be grateful if you have further knowledge of an already loaded image, please do send it to us using the Contact Form). To go back to the map and view another location, click on ‘return to map’.

If you are looking through the Gallery and want to know where the images are within Newport town, click on the small triangle in the bottom right of the picture, it will take you to the spot on the map.

You will notice that some pins on the map are yellow, blue and green.

Yellow pins – Static pictures

Blue pins – Multiple locations in a singular pin

Green pins – Then and now images, drag the slider to switch between the old photo and a contemporary view

Upload a picture

On the top menu, click ‘Upload Image’. A form will be presented, follow the steps and fill in all of the information required. Click on the ‘upload photo’ section of the form or drag your image into the box that you wish to be uploaded to the site. 

We will review your image and place it on the website following your instructions of address/location – this can take a few days to process.

When uploading an image you are doing so by confirming you are the owner of the image and that you either a) hold the copyright of the image or b) have permission from the owner of the image to reproduce/ share the submitted picture.


Some of the images on this site are subject to copyright and should not be reproduced without permission of the copyright owner. Should you believe you hold the copyright to an image used on this site and you have not given permission for its use, please contact us. We make every effort to ensure images are free of copyright or owned by the submitter.

For more information about the programme visit iwhaz.uk

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